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Draw my OC music CONTEST! (deadline extended)
Heya. I decided to host a contest since it seems fun and hopefully people would join :) 
What I want is that I want you to draw my OC music! 

:bulletblue: A full-body recommend (but don't have to be)
:bulletblue: Must have somekind of background (the more detailed the better)
:bulletblue: No copying or tracing!
:bulletblue: No bases/photos!
:bulletblue: Must be 100% your own work.
:bulletblue: 3 entries per person (but you may only win once)
:bulletblue: Must be colored (There just ain't Music without colors)
:bulletblue: No collabs (that would be too complicated)
:bulletblue: Digital and traditional are both accepted. 
:bulletblue: Anime/manga, cartoon and semi-realism are accepted.
[Bullet; Blue] read Music's details carefully in reference's description (they're important)
[Bullet; Blue] Make a journal or poll of this contest (So we could get
:iconmilanamill:MilanaMill 79 264
OCM ~ Bi-Monthly Contest (Winners CHOSEN)
:bulletred: This is going to be so hard. I really love all the entries, and I hope you'll still find it easy to choose your favorite! <3
:bulletpurple: I will only vote if a tiebreaker is needed.
:bulletpurple: You will vote for your favorite (mention the number listed), but as a courtesy, it would be lovely if you said why it was your favorite.
:bulletpurple: PLEASE keep the theme in mind. It is about the portrayal after all. :3
Prizes are of course listed below, and I will begin sending the points immediately. :D
And I will be posting the new Bi-monthly contest tomorrow. I'm sorry for being slow, but things get pretty hectic around this time of the year, lol!
1st : MOJA-Ron :
2nd : huntervisa :
:iconthe-oc-maniac:the-OC-maniac 7 84
R.e.N OC CONTEST - Win Membership/Cash/Points!
Rosso e Nero OC Contest - CLOSED
:star: R.e.N Contest - Win a Year's Premium Membership or the Cash/Point Equivalent!:star:
:star:Update 11/6 - The contest is now entirely closed, and as soon as my judge decides to sit down and look at all these amazing submissions, I'll be able to start sorting out a selection of entries for winners to be chosen from C:!:star:
:star: DEADLINE - 9TH JUNE 2013 :star:
Alright, so it's competition time, guys! I call this the "Rosso e Nero Contest: Draw my Dudez for the Chance to Win Awesome Prizes!" . Or just the ReN Contest, for short. Also "long ass journal of doom" is just as fitting.
I challenge you, regardless of your abilities, to draw my two characters. Together, on their own, however you want. And if you're not confident in drawing people? Give it a go! And if you really can't? Writing is also accepted!
This won't be judged purely on style or skill , in fact, it'll be based off originality, creativity, effo
:iconsheppard56:Sheppard56 93 337
Contest~ Deadline is May 19th - Winners
It's been many years since i've held a contest and while i can't offer too much in terms of prizes i think it would be fun to hold one.
Also this isn't a contest being held by a club, this is just a contest being held by me Raichana and some other clubs have been extremely kind in advertizing it.
1st - Year subscription to Deviant art and a Journal feature & 48 hour all access Guest pass to Crunchyroll & 110 points
by :icongoldenemotions:
2nd - Journal Feature & 48 hour all access Guest pass to Crunchyroll & 60 points
by :iconGrimart2:
3rd - Journal Feature & 40 points
by :iconyuushin7:
Thanks to everyone who participated, i hope you had a good time.
I will be contacting the winners and setting up the journal features.
I learned a lot from this contest, some good and some bad but in the end it was still a lot of fun. I will hold another contest in a few months with a much more specific theme... but also hopeful
:iconraichana:Raichana 44 107
Legend by Tajii-chan Legend :icontajii-chan:Tajii-chan 383 166 Trade: Sebastion Hollows by KingdomHeartsKeeper Trade: Sebastion Hollows :iconkingdomheartskeeper:KingdomHeartsKeeper 7 0 Terrakion by Xous54 Terrakion :iconxous54:Xous54 498 25 FrustrateArt - Pencilled by Silvarius86 FrustrateArt - Pencilled :iconsilvarius86:Silvarius86 17 16 APH Xmas chibi - Finland by allyoucaneater APH Xmas chibi - Finland :iconallyoucaneater:allyoucaneater 292 38 Dr. Mazenda by shadowcatxavier Dr. Mazenda :iconshadowcatxavier:shadowcatxavier 17 30 Mecha Musume - Revlias -WIP- by Silvarius86 Mecha Musume - Revlias -WIP- :iconsilvarius86:Silvarius86 14 30 CR004 - Hibiki Misora by Azelilia CR004 - Hibiki Misora :iconazelilia:Azelilia 208 55 SF Files 1999: Deirdre by saintfighteraqua SF Files 1999: Deirdre :iconsaintfighteraqua:saintfighteraqua 7 11 Sleeping? by xearoxas Sleeping? :iconxearoxas:xearoxas 4 4 5D : EoT - Forgotten Journey by Zue 5D : EoT - Forgotten Journey :iconzue:Zue 121 35


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Tak sangka pengakhiran tahun ini agak menyedihkan bagi rakyat Malaysia. Banjir besar menyebabkan ramai mangsa terutamanya di Kelantan terpaksa berpindah randah untuk mencari tempat yg lebih selamat tatkala paras air semakin naik. Kini banjir sudah mula merebak ke Perak dan kemungkinan besar Selangor. 

Ketika ramai yg pos status maklumat terkini mengenai banjir, tak kurang juga yg menyelar, mencaci maki,mencarut dan sebagainya kepada pihak2 yg tidak bertanggungjawab. Ini boleh dilihat di ruangan komen-komen. 

Ya, memang saya tak nafikan yg sebahagian daripada pihak2 ini agak kurang bertanggungjawab dan lambat bertindak lebih2 lagi dalam situasi yg memang sangat terdesak ni. Tapi itu tak bermakna yg kita boleh menghamburkan carutan di status2 kita kepada mereka. Adakah situasi darurat menghalalkan anda untuk mencarut, mencaci maki dan sebagainya?

Aku pun tegurlah mereka di FB, di status aku, yg bunyinya lebih kurang, "kalau kita berdoa, kemudian dalam masa yg sama mencaci maki dengan carutan, kemungkinan besar doa kita tu takkan berkat" Kita tahu Tuhan itu Maha Mendengar, Dia mendengar segala apa yg kita doakan, segala apa yg kita hajati, pada masa yg sama dia pun mendengar juga setiap apa yg kita perkatakan. Ini termasuklah setiap perkataan2 buruk yg kita hamburkan di FB kita. 

Dan balasan yg aku terima adalah sangat hambar. Jika dirumuskan segala komen2 yg diterima, kiranya aku ni tiada nilai empati dan aku tak ada hak utk mempertikai doa2 mereka.

Apa yg aku cuba nak cakap ialah, tak kira apa juga situasi di luar sana, jagalah akhlak, adab dan tutur kata kita, itu saja. Janganlah sebab ikut emosi yg terlampau sampai semua org hendak diselarnya sehingga hilang sifat sabar dan rasa bersyukur.

Moga semua ambil iktibar.
Doaku untuk kalian semua.


I don't expect that the end of 2014 will be catastrophic to my country. Great flood has caused many victims to move from one place to another as the water level increases rapidly especially in Kelantan. Now the flood is spreading to other states which include Perak and probably Selangor as well.

As most of the victims and relatives updating the current information on the flood, there are some people who keep on blaming and cursing each other with every kind of abusive and foul language. To me, it's sickening.

I know that the government were a little bit slow, and some of them were irresponsible in carrying their duty especially when the situation is extremely dire. However, I really don't think that this situation gave you the right to use such language in your post on FB. Do you people feel alright posting that kind of language on your FB wall? Blaming and cursing others for what happened?

I realize that some of them might lost their way, so I post my own status to remind them about the language thing, it sounds like this; "You send your prayer to God, but at the same time you dissed and cursed others with abusive language, God may not answer your prayer you know.." We know God listen to every prayer that we send to Him, but of course He also notices everything that we post on our FB wall, which includes all those cursing and dissing.

The replies that I get is... I should say... neither encouraging nor supportive. To conclude all the comments together, they said that I don't have empathy towards the victims, and I should not questioned their prayer.

I just hope that they realize that, all I want to say is, mind your language when posting something on social media. I also hope that every one of us realize by now that, this heavy downpour and great flood is just a small test given to us from The Almighty.

Hope everything will get better soon.
My prayer to all.


Kibo 26Dec2014


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Current Residence: somewhere in MALAYSIA
Favourite cartoon character: SASORI from naruto


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